Part-time Development Director

Job Status: Part-Time (20 hours/month on avg.) with the opportunity to become full-time

Starting Salary:  $1500 - $2000/month

The Director of Development will have overall strategic and operational responsibility for all of RISE Society’s vital revenue streams, which allow us to achieve our mission and maximize our positive impact on women in the community. The Director of Development will plan, organize, and execute on fundraising activities, manage the development budget, and assemble volunteers to help them hit their goals out of the park.

The Director of Development will serve as the fundraising leader within the organization, lending their expertise and connections to the position. While this is currently a part-time position, we anticipate that the right candidate will want to grow with us. This important role can potentially develop into a full-time opportunity. The Director of Development reports directly to RISE Society’s Board of Directors, a team of energetic business leaders who are passionate about helping women succeed.

This important role is responsible for:

  • raising money to support RISE Society’s operations, programs, and mission.

  • developing and executing the annual fundraising plan with the goal of raising $15k quarterly in year one. Subsequent annual fundraising goals will be developed based on the great success of year one.

  • evaluating and analyzing fundraising efforts and developing appropriate strategies to address challenges and improve results.

  • establishing relationships with current, new, and prospective donors and volunteers.

  • regular reporting of RISE Society’s fundraising efforts in order to effectively communicate this information to the board of directors, advisory board, existing donors, and potential donors.

  • ensuring effective systems are in place to track RISE Society’s donor database and donor follow-ups.

  • helping our donors accomplish their philanthropic goals and ambitions through a relationship with our organization.

  • generating new ideas that increase revenue and donor loyalty.

  • recruiting, engaging, supporting, and energizing volunteers, committees, advisory board members, partners, and donors.

As the Director of Development, you will get to:

  • maintain long-term relationships with existing donors.

  • identify and build relationships with new and prospective donors.

  • manage systems and software to track and cultivate donors and prospects, including our donor database.

  • plan and administer fundraising and donor events.

  • network, have coffees, and of course, make direct face-to-face solicitations -- asking for donor support of RISE Society.

  • recruit, train, and support awesome volunteers to assist in fundraising efforts.

  • communicate fundraising goals throughout the organization and equip volunteers to help you reach them.

  • attend events and industry functions as a representative of the organization.

You will have a leg-up in this position if you:

  • have at least 5 years of experience in fundraising strategies and donor relations unique to nonprofits.

  • dream of transforming new nonprofits into successful organizations and know how to actualize your aspirations.

  • embody the entrepreneurial spirit and are passionate about mission-driven organizations.

  • are a self-starter who crafts creative solutions and opens doors to new donor relationships.

  • already have a strong, local network of potential donors.

  • can point to specific examples of having developed and executed on strategies and plans that have taken an organization to the next stage of growth.

  • actively and constantly listen to all constituents, focus especially on donor needs and know how to identify mutual benefits.

  • are a fabulous communicator and can compel audiences through your impressive writing and speaking skills.

  • have the ability to work effectively and in collaboration with diverse groups of people.

  • believe strongly in RISE Society’s mission — to empower women and girls to pursue their goals with confidence, regardless of financial means, by providing mentoring opportunities, educational events, and scholarships to RISE Collaborative Workspace.

To apply for a position at RISE Society, please send your intro letter and resume via email to or by snail mail to 8820 Ladue Road, Suite 203, St. Louis, MO 63124.