About RISE Society

RISE Society is the nonprofit arm of RISE Collaborative Workspace with the vision that all women and girls achieve their greatest personal and professional potential. 

Our Mission

The mission of RISE Society, Inc. is to empower women and girls to pursue their goals with confidence, regardless of financial means, by providing mentoring opportunities, educational events, and scholarships to RISE Collaborative Workspace.

Why RISE Society?

Because we are the majority…living as the minority. 

Women represent 51 percent of the U.S. population and 57 percent of college and university enrollment. Yet by several measures we are not leading the workforce at a level consistent with our numbers and potential impact.

Because the gender pay gap is real – and is damaging families.  

Women currently earn approximately $.79 on every dollar of their male counterparts. Only four percent of S&P 500 companies are led by female CEOs, and women are critically underrepresented in small business ownership. If women fail to earn the same as men for the same work, our families have less resources. Our daughters have less future earning potential. And our communities have less economic support providing families the quality of life they deserve.

Because policy matters.

Women comprise only 26% of legislative positions, resulting in a critical deficit in informing laws and policies that affect the wellbeing and success of all women. Women must be elected at the local, state and federal levels to maintain an active voice in policy decisions.

Because the playing field must change.

Factors both biological and cultural contribute to the challenges women face in achieving true equity with men in the workplace. Many of the former workforce structures, culture, and practices are no longer relevant to the needs of women or families. RISE Society doesn’t just want to level the playing field. We want to change it to better embrace women. This means helping women develop work cultures and strategies that successfully include their ideas, needs, goals and strengths. Stronger and more successful female professionals strengthen the financial health of the community, and fosters a mindset of empowerment, acceptance, success, gratitude, and collaboration in today’s workforce.

Board of Directors